Friday, May 26, 2017



I watch
your body slowly deteriorating
not daily, not weekly
but it is there.
I compare to a year past
and then I know
your body is betraying you.

Friends notice
family too,
our children don’t want to admit.
To them you are the superhero
one that can do anything
build anything
fix anything.
Maybe that is how it should be.

I watch you move and sway,
damn medications.
Damn disease.

I watch you struggle to button,
Damn disease.

I watch you walk with your bent back,
I watch you grimace in pain.
Damn disease.

I watch your hands tremor,
Damn disease.

I watch those many trips to the bathroom
Damn disease

I watch you take your medications
throughout the day
too many to count.
Damn disease

I watch you keep going
fighting back that pain and stiffness

I love your drive,
your determination.
I love that you never give up
I love that you refuse to slow down

I watch you with admiration and love.

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